tree surgeon warwickshire

tree surgeon warwickshire
tree surgeon warwickshire
tree surgeon warwickshire
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The All Seasons Grounds Maintenance team have provided Grounds Maintenance to clients across London and the Home Counties. The All Seasons team have specialised in the maintenance of grounds for Hospitals, Hotels and sensitive sites such as residential homes. In 2007 All Seasons Grounds Maintenance became a Limited Company and since that time has increased its scope and range to include large PLC Clients and other larger scale operations.

Business Overview Working across London and the Home Counties and operating in specialist areas of Grounds Maintenance and Management.

One of several specialisms is maintaining sensitive conservation sites, here we have built up a considerable client base operating in some 25 + sites across the region. Our staff have a complete understanding of the constraints of operating and maintaining standards in special sites and always develop good working relationships with site staff and management.

We always aim to minimise the disruption caused by site visits and we are particularly conscious of our responsibility under safety legislation.

We commit to delivering your project on time and on budget We are committed to environmental sustainability and wherever possible will use recycled or reclaimed materials. We can provide weekly, monthly, quarterly and one off visits to sites.

Should you require a specialist contractor at this time or are seeking to change contractors in the near future please contact us and we will be pleased to meet you on site to discuss your requirements and provide you with a free quotation for works. Mission Statement All Seasons Grounds Maintenance aims to develop a proactive Grounds Maintenance service that delivers services through professional management and staff, by maximising resources to benefit and provide value to our customers.

Environmental All Seasons Grounds Maintenance are committed to environmental sustainability and wherever possible we will use recycled or reclaimed materials. All Seasons Grounds Maintenance Ltd always dispose of waste responsibly at a green waste recycling facility.

ChainSaws There are many different makes (more than 25) and sizes of chainsaws and tree surgeons tend to prefer certain brands because they can vary enormously. Pointers when buying a chainsaw to suit your firm. 1. Find out who your local distributors are - they generally stick to one brand and don't tend to deal in rival brands. Consequently, it might be advisable to buy their brand so that they can get parts quickly and do not have to go through another supplier.

2. You generally get what you pay for so do not be tempted to go for the cheaper option. 3. Be very wary of buying second hand as they can be unreliable and have faults that are not obvious to the naked eye. Furthermore, chainsaws are frequently stolen. Always check to see that the serial number has not been scratched off as chainsaws are traceable. Ask about the history of the saw and ask for the manual.

Potential tree surgeons should always check a. chain catcher b. the silencer c. guide bar, drive sprocket and chain links d. side plate and hand guards e. anti vibration mounts f. the on/off switch g. chain brake h. the throttle and dead mans handle f. the spark arrester g. whether it starts easily when it is cold

4. It is generally advisable to have chainsaws that have the power and bar size to cope with the jobs you have to contend with. NPTC courses and certificates give you the license to use a variety of chainsaws - for example there is no point having a giant chainsaw with a huge bar if you don't have the certificate to fell large trees and there is no point in having a top handled saw if you have not received training in operating chainsaws from a rope and harness. Insurers will not insure unless you have the appropriate certification.