tree work warwickshire tree work warwickshire

tree work warwickshire

tree work warwickshire
tree work warwickshire
tree work warwickshire
tree work warwickshire
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Oak Park carries an impressive range of commercial landscape equipment for use in our amenity and hard landscaping divisions. We take pride in the fact that our equipment is second to none and that no other landscaping company in our area owns equipment of this high calibre.

Iseki Compact Flail Arm Hedge Cutter

This unique piece of amenity equipment enables us to cut hedges in any small paddock or large garden. The tractor has wide turf tyres enabling us to travel over lawns without causing damage. The arm on the Iseki Hedge Cutter reaches approximately 4m which is usually ample length required to reach most small paddock and large garden hedges including ditches and stream banks. The uniqueness of this type of equipment is that larger hedges are cut in an efficient manner, less waste is generated, all areas are easily accessible. The machine comes with an experienced operator and is currently charged at 25 per hour inclusive of VAT.


Oak Park is in the fortunate position of having an over-seeder included in our equipment. This is a unique piece of equipment for sowing grass seed and wild meadow gardens. The over-seeder can be adjusted to any required ratio based on the seed being sown. This includes a variety of wild meadow seeds and grass seeds. The over-seeder is attached to one of our compact tractors and then set to the ratio required, ranging from patching up lawns to a complete re-seed to inter-planting wild flower seeds into meadow gardens. This unique piece of equipment comes with an operator and is currently charged at 25 an hour inclusive of VAT.

2,000 Litre Water Bowser

Oak Park recently acquired a new Water Bowser for difficult to reach areas where planting has been completed and watering is often an issue. We are able to fill the tank at our yard and deliver water to any site within our operating area. Prices are worked out on the current cost of water per litre plus delivery charges and application labour. For a comprehensive, no obligation quote please call our office for further information.

Stone Burier

One of the most useful pieces of equipment we carry in our range is a Stone Burier. This is a highly complex piece of equipment consisting of a rotavator and fine rake system with a roller attachment. One simple pass over consolidated ground is enough to re-seed or turf on a fresh seed bed. The time saving in using this piece of equipment is unique, cutting labour costs by 50% on normal practices and by using conventional machinery it also cuts time down by one third. The Stone Burier can be used on most sized gardens from approximately quarter of an acre up to five acres. All that is required once the area has been stone buried is for a level lute to be dragged across on the back of one of our compact tractors to establish a good level seed bed. Typical costs for this type of equipment with an operator are 25 an hour inclusive of VAT.

Towed Array Sprayers

Oak Park are fortunate enough to have two 300 litre Towed Array Spraying Systems with booms on the back enabling us to cover large areas of grass or wasteland to apply any application such as weed killers, including Round-Up and Glysophate, broadleaf weed killers for lawns and liquid lawn tonics such as seaweeds. We also carry two smaller pedestrian or towed sprayers for the smaller garden. The benefits speak for themselves by reducing labour costs and application time. Also thanks to the unique mixing abilities of these tanks the ratio that is applied is guaranteed on all coverage. A typical cost for this including labour is 25 an hour inclusive of VAT